Friday, January 16, 2015

Independent Artists and Awards (A Flawed Mindset)

Despite the best efforts of many in the Indie Community to help the many of you in your philosophy and strategy into promoting your career, most of you would rather win an award(doesn’t matter which one) then to have a long sustained satisfying career. You would rather a one night stand then a long lasting relationship. I have been down that road and suffered greatly because of that flawed Industry mindset. That mindset can be emotionally devastating and financially crushing as you eagerly pursue fame and stardom. Awards are good if you truly earned it. Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life defending why you received it.

You may not admit it to your supporters and in your concerts when you tell lies like "I only want to please God" and "I'm not in it for this or for that" but deep down you really want to be "The Man" , "The Women" or “The Group” in Christian music and that's okay. Admit it and then realize what it takes to get there if you REAALLY want it.  I have discovered that on order for me to make it to that level I really don't need to have a wife and two small children right now. I need to be single and able to travel without hindrance. Well It's not worth it to me. However I have also discovered that I can have a VERY MEANINGFUL career but galvanizing my supporters and friends in all that I do musically which in turn yields me great results and a certain satisfaction that my efforts in the Kingdom have meaning.

Now this blog is not for you overly spiritual people who have the perfect relationship with God and can hear his voice and are perfectly satisfied in him. This is for those of you who have an expected goal in the Gospel Music Industry and are laboring to meet it. This post is for those of you who realize that the Lord has gifted and anointed you for service but you somehow lose your way, in the process of fulfilling Gods purpose for your life, due to your need to be famous and wanted.
Somewhere down the line, in your Christian walk, you will discover that just being able to sing, play, dance, preach etc. in the Kingdom of God is success enough but it takes a while and sometimes longer than that for most of us to get to that point. In the meantime we press on towards one goal or another.  If you truly want a successful career in Christian music ask God to surround you with people who need what you have to offer and their you will find your true ministry and success.


Phillip Carter