Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Starving Musicians" by Phillip Carter

I remember growing up in Washington DC watching great musicians such as Donald Vails, Andrew Rowe and many others as they blessed us with so many years of great singing and great songs. I always thought that they were rich or at least very well off because of all of the great things they were doing not to mention how in demand they were in at the time. It was only later that I found out that many of my local idles died with very little money. My father always told me to NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket.  He also stressed to me that I should never quit my full time job with benefits for a church job unless the church was financially stable and could match the stability of the secular job I was leaving(benefits, heath insurance etc.)

It is with that concern that I write this blog. So many of the younger generation , and some not so young, musicians are full time musicians with no job security, no benefits, no insurance and no wisdom to negotiate these life necessities. Their seems to be no concern for the future on their behalf and churches have a history of not offering benefits to their minstrels. If you are a full time musician, how can you be secure in your employment without heath insurance and retirement. Do you not realize that one day you will need these necessities  You can not afford to wait until you get older to attain these must haves. If your place of employment does not provide these things then its up to you to provide them for yourself which is so costly. It's costly because most of you are not paying for full coverage and that means if you get really sick then you will be in serious trouble financially.

If you are a Pastor, Head Trustee or decision maker at  your church and you have musicians who are full time at your church and you do not offer them what they need to thrive and survive then SHAME ON YOU.        I am so tried of seeing musicians pimped while Pastors, Church Administrators and other ministerial personnel and their families thrive. Musicians think about your future before you take a full time position. Make sure its a divine appointment and beneficial to your portfolio. If it's not then get a job in the market place and take the pressure off yourself and your church to provide for you. I absolutely love working a job outside of church because I get the best of both worlds. My regular job provides the necessary benefits that I need for me and my family and my church appointments provide the extra income I need to do other things I desire to do.  Think About it......

Phillip Carter