Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Bringing Unity To Your Music Ministry" by Phillip Carter

Ever since I have been in church, there has always been a problem with unity in the music ministry. It is very clear to me that the most successful  music ministries have strong leadership and unity among the members of the music ministry. It's a formula that works every time yet there are so many churches who either have not adopted this formula or is ignorant to it all together. I do not buy in to the whole Lucifer, Chief Musician theory as the cause for confusion in the music ministry. If your music ministry is in chaos that's because the leadership is in a state of confusion and sometimes denial. If you knew that Aspirin was the cure for headaches, would you take it? I would in a heartbeat yet some of us would still try some other form of medication in the hopes that it would yield the same results or better. I preach leadership and unity everywhere I go because I have been apart of and seen successful Music and Arts ministries at work and when it's right it's beautiful. When it's wrong its chaos, confusion and stagnation. Of course there are people who thrive off of chaos, confusion and stagnation as a way to keep things the way there are but God wants us to thrive and multiply.

Here are just some of the traps music ministries fall into that contribute to  the disunity. By no means have I covered them as some of our churches have unique situations.

1. Multiple Choirs with Multiple Officers
It is very hard to have unity if each choir has their own officers. Officers tend to overstep their boundaries which creates an open flame of confusion with the particular director of the choir. I have seen it work ok before but its very rare that it does.  If your church has multiple choirs or praise teams it would be more efficient to have one slate of officers for the entire music ministry under the Minister or Director of Music.

2. Pastor Interfering With Music Ministry

When Pastors try to control every aspect of what goes on in the music ministry then confusion will reign unless the Pastor is the Minister of Music as well. Pastors have to trust their leaders and allow then to run their departments. Pastors should oversee the ministry but when He/She tries to dictate every facit of the music ministry then all kind of problems occur as a result.

3. Overlapping Roles

It's important that every body know and accept their respective roles in the ministry. Choir members should know that it is their job to show up, be committed and sing. Officers should do their jobs well and no others. Musicians should play and Directors should direct.

4. Administration

Administration is always a big factor in unity. Great music ministries keep great schedules and their participants are  notified when changes occur in a timely manner. Pastors play a big role in administration as they can sometimes be a hindrance by not communicating to the proper individuals when they are in need of  of services of the ministry in a timely manner.

I sincerely hope that these blogs are a help to you and your respective ministries.

Phillip Carter